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Resiliency in the Face of Heartbreak, Disappointment & Rejection

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Ask A Wise Latina


What is reality?


Reality is a hologram. We live in a hologram which is a projection of the movie/blue print we wrote before we incarnated. We live in a story that we created to learn lessons and evolve spiritually. We vibrate very slowly so everything appears solid, but as you raise your frequency you can see the hologram. This is all what is called "Maya" - illusion.


What is the Akashic Records?


The ethereal library containing all the books/blue prints of all the souls that have ever existed on earth. This book contains your life story from the creation of your soul to the present and even future lives can already be written in there.


What does it mean to be psychic?


Everyone is a spiritual being having a “human” experience. Everyone is “psychic” because we are all spiritual beings. At night when we sleep our astral body leaves and goes to other dimensions and we have all the psychic abilities (clear-seeing, clear-hearing, clear-feeling, clear-knowing, clear-sensing, telepathy, etc.) in those dimensions.


What is an “astral body”? 


We have several etheric bodies, an astral body is an energy body that is able to inhabit your physical body and travel outside the body without the physical limitations of the body. The astral body is attached to the physical body through a silver cord which is not severed until we die.


What is a sacred contract?


Contracts we make with other souls on the other side before we incarnate who will play very important roles in our lives. They may agree to be our mothers, husband, wives, brothers, sisters, business partners, assassins. It’s like contracting an actor to play a part in your drama so you can learn a lesson.


What is deja-vu?


Before we incarnate we are allowed to see the story/blueprint projected on a movie screen with the body we already chose. We are shown the potential life story we will live and then we are supposed to forget it when we incarnate so we exercise free will. You get “deja-vu” because you have already seen this part of the movie before and you are just remembering it as confirmation that everything is going as planned. It’s a way for your soul to tell you that you are moving along on the story as planned  and pay attention to the decisions you are going to be making.


What is Karma?


When you fail to come from love you are out of balance. Karma is a law of balancing. You accumulate karma and must balance that karma by having to experience situations where you do not receive love in order to gain empathy, compassion, and unconditional love for yourself and others.


Are past lives real?


Yes. Under hypnosis you can access your past lives and discover the many ways you lived and died. Depending on what you did you may accumulate karma and need many lives to balance out that karma.

Are Angels real?

Yes, they are real, but they don't necessarily look like they have been painted. They are a high frequency that exists within you that you can call on to neutralize negative energy, assist you in accomplishing your dreams and save your life. Unless your life is in danger they are not allowed to assist you if you do not ask for assistance. Archangel Michael is a protector angel you can call for just about anything and he will assist you especially if your life is in danger.


Why do I have dreams in which I get premonitions?


A premonition dream happens to give you a heads up as to what choice you want to make when it happens. For instance, if you have an “Exit Point” - the potential to die - coming up and you haven’t made up your mind to exit yet, you will get shown a preview of what could happen to you so you can decide if you want to exit or not when the event happens.


What is a "Spirit Guide" and how do you connect with your Spirit Guides? 


Before you incarnate you make soul contracts with other souls you trust, sometimes because you had past lives with them, and they agree to guide you when you incarnate and live your life. They have access to our blueprint and they guide us so that we can make the right choices for the soul lessons we are trying to learn. Your spirit guides talk to you all the time but our logical mind usually overrides them and our ego often refuses to hear them. They need your permission to speak to you louder, so say out loud, “Spirit Guides I know you are here to guide me for my highest good. You have my permission to speak to me louder so I can hear your guidance. I want to hear your guidance.” If you meditate and you’re brave ask them to give you their names so you can know who they are. They usually speak to you in your voice on the right side and the left side because usually they stand behind you. They will only give you advice and not tell you what to do because they respect your free will. They will only tell you what to do if your life is in danger.


Why do I feel so drained when I am around a lot of people? 


You are most likely an Empath, a person who has a spiritual agreement to absorb the negative emotions/energy of people and cleanse it and return it as pure energy. You get exhausted because you energy is being used up to clean so many people. You can wear bracelets with dark stones like obsidian and that will help you not be so exhausted. As an Empath you should take baths in salt water at least once a week so you don’t carry people’s negative energy on you and you get depressed. You can also practice grounding everyday so you can get rid of other people’s energy and clean your energy.


What is grounding? 


Our bodies are electrical machines. When we have excess energy/electricity we need to ground it so it doesn’t backfire on us or cause us headaches and other ailments. You ground by imagining you are a tree sending roots to center of the earth and wrapping your roots at the center. This visualization helps ground you. You can imagine your excess energy as red light and you push it down to the center of the earth. 


What’s the difference between a spirit and a ghost?


A spirit has crossed into the light and has the ability to enter our reality easily for a very short time. Ghosts are souls who did not cross into the light because of fear or attachment to the earth plane and become earthbound 72 hours after the body has been buried or cremated or may not know they died. 


Why am I able to see spirits and ghosts on the side of the road?


If you are able to see them it’s most likely you are a Medium who has clear-seeing ability. You see them on the side of the road because if they are ghosts they most likely died around there and if it’s a spirit it could be there to warn you to pay attention so you don’t get in a car accident.


How do you know if a dark entity is present? 


When a dark entity is present they may stink up the place or make it cold to announce it is there. When they don’t announce themselves the back of your hair on your neck will stand up or your may get goose bumps or you feel like an elevator that is going down too quickly because a dark entity lowers the frequency quickly and sometimes you can feel this shift. Dark entities can be present and you may not feel them at all unless you have the gift of discernment. When people get drunk and they express rage, say hateul things they normally wouldn't say, become violent when they are not normally violent, or their eyes turn black that’s another simple way to know a dark entity is present.

Can your Ancestors guide you? 


Yes, they want to guide you so that you and your family can succeed.You just have to ask them for assistance. In spirituality we must always ask for divine assistance because spiritual and divine beings respect you free will and can not impose on you so you must ask for help in order for them to assist you.


What is the difference between a Spirit Guide, an Ancestral Guide and a Guardian Angel? 


A spirit guide is a soul you have a contract with to guide you, and ancestral guide is the soul of a dead relative you may or may not have met, and a Guardian Angel is an angel you’re born with assigned to protect you. (You are also assigned a “devil” to test you.)


How do you spiritually/ physically protect yourself? 


Love and accept yourself by forgiving yourself for all your mistakes and all the judgements you’ve made against yourself. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. You can also imagine yourself in a white bubble and mirrors all around you. Physically you can wear a real gold chain with an Archangel Michael medallion. You can also wear a necklace with crystal. When you are in danger you can say, “I surrender my free will and request divine assistance, guidance and protection and intervention.” This allows for the divine to jump in and assist you or send someone to assist you.


How do you disconnect from foreign energy that is not your own? 


Cross your hands in front of you and this cuts off the energy from someone else attaching to it. You can also use your hand as a knife and use it to cut the energy in front of you and say, “All the energy that is not mine send it back to whomever it belongs.” You can request ArchAngel Michael disconnect you from foreign energy.


How do I set boundaries with spirit?


Say, “I only choose to be surrounded by love and light and only desire to connect with spirits from 100% pure white light and for my highest good.”  If you don’t want to be bothered by spirit when you sleep “Surender your free will” and request that you be surrounded by angels and that they not allow any entity to come near you when you sleep. 


Do affirmations work? 


Yes, they focus your mind and declarations said in the affirmative help your unconscious mind get clarity as to what you really want.

How do I manifest my dreams? 


Identity all your limiting beliefs that keep you from having your dreams such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not deserving of having my dreams come true,” “I’m not worthy,” etc. Once you have identified all the limiting beliefs you can tap them away by hitting the bottom of your pinky fingers and saying them out loud. You tap it for at least two minutes for each limiting belief. Then you can say your affirmations for your dreams with as much emotion as possible so they sink into your subconscious mind. You can also make request and say, “I request a most benevolent outcome with….” And then state your dream. This way you can get divine assistance from the Angelic realm. Remember that your desires will guide you to your dreams. You will most likely not desire anything that isn’t meant for you because God is not cruel. If you desire something that seems impossible, say “Diving please give me this or something better. If this desire is not for my highest good, please release it and remove it from my heart.”

What is the fastest way to raise my frequency to easily attract the things and people I want?

The fastest way to instantly do it is to sing a song that makes you happy and gives you joy. Sing and dance to music that gives you joy. Laugh a lot. Do all the things that bring you joy like walking in nature, like the beach and forest, play with babies and puppies or animals that are loving. Complaining and seeing yourself as the victim of others and life lowers your frequency and when you are in gratitude you shift from victim to victor and you raise your frequency. So write down 100 things you are grateful that are in your life and you can read this list every time you are feeling sad or low.


 Got Paranormal Problems?

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Josefina Lopez, is best known as a professional Screenwriter and Playwright, writer of the award winning play and film Real Women Have Curves, but she has been interested in the paranormal since she was a little girl when she realized how much she enjoyed her mother’s ghost stories. When she was growing up she did not realize she was an Empath, but knew she was different because she felt “too much” and cared “too much” about humanity from such a young age.


Josefina became depressed and took up writing to deal with her depression and excess feelings. As she pursued her writing career Josefina began to realize that her empathic abilities helped her become a professional writer, but she still felt like she had “a hole in her soul” and needed to heal herself. (Later on in life she would discover why her soul had a crack in it.) When Josefina was diagnosed with ADD she was very happy “it” had a name. After she took medication for her “disorder” she felt numb and no longer was able to be creative and lost her passion for her writing and her purpose.


Josefina also had a paranormal experience she could not explain until she started studying Demonology. After she lost her health insurance and could no longer take the medication, she started her journey to heal herself. She began to treat her ADD with spiritual and healing work and eventually discovered that her disorder was really her intuitive abilities and psychic gifts. Josefina met several people with “ADD” and discovered they too had premonitions, felt too much and were intuitive. As she began to embrace her intuitive empathic side she discovered that her mother and sister, relatives and ancestors on her mother’s side also had “the gift.” Her Great-Aunt was a “Curandera”, a healer, back in Mexico.


In 2003, Josefina met Christopher Chacon, a Parapsychologist, Anomalist and expert in the Paranormal and they collaborated on a screenplay titled The Cleaning Lady, which they also presented as a play at her theater in 2009, about a Latina cleaning lady who does spiritual cleanings and exorcisms. Josefina became very curious about Chacon’s work as a paranormal investigator and decided to find answers for herself.


Josefina began to do her own research and did past life regressions discovering that she was a healer in many past lives and that is why she was drawn to become a healer. She has been teaching Paranormal classes since 2012 and has trained as a Remote Viewer, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, and is a Shaman-in-training. Josefina began studying Demonology and experienced several paranormal experiences that proved to her demons are real.


She wants to “turn on the lights” and educate people about the paranormal so people will not be afraid and protect themselves from psychic attacks, curses, and other dark forces that affect people’s lives. She wants to teach people how powerful they truly are against dark forces once they know their spiritual rights.

If you suspect that you, or your family, have been cursed and/or are experiencing psychic or demonic attacks please contact me so she can see if you have a opened a door, invited dark forces into your life without knowing or have an unconscious death wish and/or a contract with the dark side from a past life which needs to be completed, which she can do for you remotely or in person. This service is offered for free and you are welcome to make a donation only if you're moved to do so.

Questions about the paranormal or if you are having paranormal problems please contact her at:

If you are having psychic attacks at night say the Prayer of Protection below to get them to stop. Say it every night and you will be safe. Josefina uses it every night.

Prayer of Protection

I surrender my free will and I ask for divine assistance, guidance, intervention, and divine protection.


JESUS CHRIST you are my savior. Archangel Michael you are my protector. Divine beings of light and Archangels of the universe please surround my bed with Angels, please surround my room with Angels, please surround my house with angels, please surround my neighborhood with angels so nothing can disturb or attack me when I am sleeping or dreaming. Please don’t allow dark entities to attack me or to influence my sleep or my dreams. Higher self please take me to the fifth dimension through the crown chakra so I may be safe. Please do not allow me to wander through the astral plane.


Thank you for your protection. Amen.

(If you are experiencing alien abductions you can also add: Please do not allow extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional beings who are not from 100% pure light to interfere with my free will while I am sleeping.)

Anytime Prayers:

I call upon the higher powers to surround myself, my family, my home with a white light of protection. Peace and love, Amen.


The Light and Love of God always surrounds me; The Power of God always protects me; Amen.

                                       UNDERSTANDING THE PARANORMAL





SUICIDE - most suicides do not cross over. They need assistance crossing over. Ignorance, confusion especially after a quick or unexpected death


Strong emotions, anger, hate, love, fear, jealousy and a desire for revenge


Addiction to drugs, food, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, sex


Obsessive attachment to a person, place, or an object


Past life connections - a person made a promise and even after they die they are trying to keep it


Unfinished business - murdered, bones were not given a proper burial, need to give a message, need to give away hidden money/treasure in order to move on


Demon possession and influence - souls are not allowed to cross into the light

Interference by Satan and his demons and earthbound entities who work for Satan - Influence through missing soul parts




THE LAW OF INVITATION - Dark Entities must be invited, so you have to be careful when you do something that accidentally invites them in like witchcraft, magick, and declarations that seem innocent that invites them in.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - When you do behavior that is from a very low frequency, consuming drugs, violent behavior, committing a sin, you are in their playground and they will not play fair, but this is one way you attract them to possess you.

SEXUAL VIOLENCE, RAPE, MOLESTATION, any trauma that shatters your aura


Physical illness such as sickness, anesthesia, surgery, abortion, accidents, unconsciousness, etc.


Emotional conditions, such as anger, fear, hate, depression, compassion, grief, etc.


Drug and alcohol use and abuse


Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal Music, “Satanic” music (vibrations are so intense and invasive that they dis- sipate the shield, making it porous and full of holes)


Video games, extensive playing and overload of stimulation


Occupations: Dentists, doctors, ER Doctors and nurses, emergency workers, massage therapist, respira- tory therapists, undertakers, chiropractors


People with soft, fuzzy, and porous boundaries of energy field - PEOPLE WITH ADD


People with missing soul parts - shattered - that are connected by chords to entities. Entities coming from another dimension - who come into you in the same vibration


Voluntary Possession or invitation possession such as: Using a Ouija board, automatic writing, sitting at a seance, channeling, playing with conjuring games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Demons, par- ticipating in any kind of satanic ritual, making a sincere wish and not asking God for it.

CONTRACTS In past lives people make contracts, vows, oaths, allegiances, back door deals with dark entities and even though someone dies, in another lifetime the dark entity, which is eternal, can claim a high to your soul for a favor that has not been repaid. A person can also have a Portal that allows dark entities to enter a person in and out of them from this previous agreements. People who are Mediums in this lifetime most likely have portals that assist them in bringing spirits in and sporting objects or things into this reality. They may also have portals to dark being who used to assist them to manifest things in their past life as a Medium. These contracts can easily be removed by a person declaring their contracts are complete and asking ArchAngel Michael to burn the contracts and remove all portals.



Your Ego: is always righteous, always judges and compares, is always coming from fear - was created

around the age of 5 - 7 and feeds on the illusion of separateness which causes all pain.


Your Higher Self: is the guardian of your spirit and is connected to the collective unconscious and the spiritual realm, is always there for your good, speaks softly and doesn’t tell you what to do because it honors your free will unless you are in danger. Then it will command you.


Your Spirit Guides: Two or more guides, who might have been your friends in past lives,  whom you made a spiritual contract with them to help you accomplish your goals on earth.

Thought Forms: Negative thoughts created by others that could be lingering in or around your energy field.

Angels can speak to you with divine messages if you have called for divine assistance.


Ancestors can speak to you if you have requested their guidance or they need to get an urgent message to you.


Attachments/Consciousness from other beings possibly attached to you: Voices speaking to you as though they are you making suggestions that you may think are your ideas.

Demonic/dark entities/nature energy voices: are any voices that tell you to create chaos, hurt yourself or hurt others emotionally or physically.


Pizza - indigestion, Premonition, problem solving dream, release dreams, astral catalepsy, astral travel, visit to the other side or past lives, fantasy dreams - the unconscious uses the symbols that have mean- ing for you to communicate what the conscious mind isn’t willing to accept or understand


PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE: Surround yourself with white light bubble - ask for assistance from the divine!!! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH IMAGINARY MIRRORS FACING OUT.


FREE WILL: the most important thing to know is that you have the power to assert your free will and you can surrender it to call on a higher power on your behalf. PRAYER is you asserting your free will and making a request. When you do not exercise your free will it can get hi-jacked by the demonic. When you realize that you opened the door you can also close it. You can tell anything demonic or evil to leave you alone and go away and as long as you have renounced the sin in the name of a higher power the entity must leave.

RESOURCES LIST - CLEARINGS of your aura and sealing for divine protection CLEARING of a house or building


Mary Ann Winkowski sells special items for protection and clearing:



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